Van Der Spek Purple Touch Me standard size binder and pencil case




This is a new Van Der Spek purple touch me in standard (personal)size with a matching pencil case.

Purple is my second favourite colour after black and I love the Touch Me range, so I was thrilled when VDS brought out a purple Touch Me.

The Touch Mes have a brilliant internal layout plus the full length back wallet pocket. They are not heavy and do not have any stiffener.

This one is rather interesting because it has a totally different texture from the black and brown Touch Mes. It has grain patterns on it but is as smooth as silk. The leather also feels a lot lighter than the brown and black ones.

The pencil case is the same as my brown one so I can say before even testing it that it is wonderful for both pencils and makeup (though not at the same time!)

The colour is really nice because it is on the blue side of purple rather than the red side. Often purples on the blue side of purple are pretty hard to photograph because they come up too blue in photos, but this one photographs pretty well.

Thank you Van Der Spek for another wonderful addition to the collection.





IMG_1332 (1)

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