The joy of a pet found

Happy tears welled up in my eyes when beautiful labrador Sheru was found after 5 days missing. A returned pet is one of the greatest joys in life. Sheru’s photo and details were shared across local Facebook groups and we… Read More ›

Cat litter boxes

It is hard to believe there are so many different kinds of cat tray solutions for cats. I have not used a plain litter tray for years because the sand gets all over the place and it can smell. I… Read More ›


At Dedham animal cemetery near Boston. In memory of Dewey the Cat (1898 – 1910). Photo by Paul Koudounaris

Mollie Update

As I am writing this, Mollie has been with us for two weeks and the process has been pretty painless. Our two cats are used to other cats, but Mollie has always been an only cat, which led to her… Read More ›

My love of tuxedo cats

Almost all my rescue cats have been tuxedos – the ‘cartoon cats’ with white feet and bibs. There are probably two reasons for that. Partly because tuxedo and black cats are often the last to be chosen at the shelters… Read More ›

Cats and lilies

I think most people know how poisonous oleander is, for example, but it always surprises me how few people know how deadly lilies are to cats only 27% according to the infographic below. So many people lose their pets each… Read More ›