Hidden burdens

I wrote about Secret Sadness the other day and have been thinking about it often this week. I have been sick with a heavy cold and sinus infection for weeks, so I have had a constant pounding headache, cold sweats,… Read More ›

Dean and Nala

If you are following 1bike1world (details below), you will know who Dean and Nala are. If not, and you are an animal lover, you should follow them immediately. Dean Nicholson is a Scot who gave up his job to cycle… Read More ›

The paperclip

Behold the paperclip: one of humanity’s humblest yet most utilitarian technologies. Nothing but a length of galvanised steel wire, strong enough to hold its grip on a hefty sheaf of papers, pliable enough to be restored to its primal form… Read More ›

The different generations

There are different definitions (and sometimes different names) for the different generations alive today – some definitions are more narrowly defined than others.  I like that the graphic above shows what age range each generation covers. I am on the… Read More ›