The mind boggles

Elon Musk (one of the most famous South Africans in the world at the moment), called his son this… And, where I come from these kinds of tops are usually worn by surfers or white guys with dreadlocks and thai… Read More ›

New words

I am sure that self-isolation and social distancing will enter the dictionary this year, as will many slang terms related to COVID-19. In addition, ‘old’ words like ‘furlough’ have been used more and more this year. ADAM JACOT DE BOINOD… Read More ›


The misuse of certain phrases in English is something that really gets my goat. Some examples: baited breath instead of bated breath here here instead of hear hear step foot instead of set foot it’s not rocket surgery instead of… Read More ›

Idioms and Euphemisms for Death

The most common and gentlest easily-understandable euphemism used to announce that someone has died is passed away, passed on or simply passed. Anything stronger may give offence, anything more delicate may be misunderstood. Below is a list of the many expressions… Read More ›