Venomous vs poisonous

These are two of South Africa’s most venomous snakes, a female boomslang to the left (seen because the female boomslang is brown and the male is green) and a black mamba to the right. It is almost unknown to see… Read More ›

Coronavirus vocabulary

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has brought many new words and phrases into everyday use. Some existed before but are used more now. Others have entered our vocabulary over the past couple of months COVID-19 corona coronavirus PPE… Read More ›

New words

I am sure that self-isolation and social distancing will enter the dictionary this year, as will many slang terms related to COVID-19. In addition, ‘old’ words like ‘furlough’ have been used more and more this year. ADAM JACOT DE BOINOD… Read More ›

Did you know?

fear of being without your phone is called nomophobia if you hear your phone ringing even when it isn’t, it is called ringxiety, fauxcellarm, phantom vibration syndrome, phantom ringing syndrome, phonetom preferring to interact by phone rather than face to face is called phubbing