Book sculpture

I was on my way home from visiting friends last week when I spotted this in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. I have been this way many times but have never noticed this installation before. It is either new, or I have been… Read More ›

Gorgeous book charms

These are really cute. You can use them as jewellery, book charms, or keyrings. They are proper little books, with pages made of lovely paper, and stitched spines. Find them on AV Workshop on Etsy. Svetlana also makes wonderful handbound… Read More ›

The multi-talented David Bowie

David Bowie really was multi-talented. He was a trained dancer and mime, and could sing and act. He was a playwright, composer, record producer, and played alto and tenor saxophone, guitar, piano, keyboards, harmonica, mouth harp, koto, mandolin, recorder, viola,… Read More ›