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Do you have a movie that you have seen over and over and still enjoy? One that makes you feel good after a no good very bad day? Mine is Overboard. This is a movie that, if you pick it… Read More ›

Book sculpture

I was on my way home from visiting friends last week when I spotted this in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. I have been this way many times but have never noticed this installation before. It is either new, or I have been… Read More ›

I love this site, which has items containing the text of your favourite novels. I have written before about notebooks with lines made up of the content of your favourite book. This site creates tote bags, posters, t shirts, scarves… Read More ›

Secret Wood rings

I really love Secret Wood rings, and their website is one of my most frequently visited. I enjoy wandering around the site because these rings are so detailed and unusual, plus the ones with snow glow in the dark! These… Read More ›

Do you ever….

….watch a really bad movie or read a really awful book, see this type of disclaimer and think ‘Ain’t that the truth!’….?