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The biggest challenge I have always had in my homes is wall art. I have mentioned before that I can recognise good taste but I don’t have it myself. I walk into other people’s homes and love the art they… Read More ›

Swedish rings

Two local rings in Sweden are the Gotlandsring, which does not really appeal to me… …and the H√∂vdingaring, which I absolutely love. These are designed from 1000-year-old archeological finds around Europe and were usually worn by people of high status…. Read More ›

I love these vases

I like these vases by Onetic design. I have a feeling they could look pretty kitschy if you didn’t style them correctly, though and I don’t have the instinct to avoid that. But they are so beautiful. My favourites are… Read More ›

Scottish chest of drawers

Last weekend we spend an afternoon giving my beloved Scottish chest of drawers some loving care. My carpenter grandfather made this in the 1920s. The central drawer was apparently for a top hat. My husband took out all the drawers… Read More ›

Seed pod elephants

I wrote an article a while ago about my antique micro-mosaic pillbox, which holds tiny mementoes. Small things from my confirmation, graduation, 21st birthday, favourite beach. Among them (though I did not mention it in the article) are two tiny… Read More ›