Commonly mispronounced words

Most Commonly Mispronounced Words 1. affidavit [af-i-dey-vit] 2. almond [ah-muh nd, am-uh nd] 3. beget [bih-get] 4. cache [kash] 5. caramel [kar-uh-muh l, -mel, kahr-muh l] 6. coupon [koo-pon, kyoo-] 7. croissant [French krwah-sahn; English kruh-sahnt] 8. epitome [ih-pit-uh-mee] 9…. Read More ›

Pronunciation Poem

I use this poem fairly often in my classes as it is extremely good for training pronunciation. It has also been good for me because I have had to learn the meaning of every single word! English pronunciation test While… Read More ›