I have never used a shoehorn before. Most of my shoes have been slip ons (loafers, ballet flats) and the lace-up ones (brogues, walking shoes) have been easy to unlace to put them on. Lately, however, I have been using… Read More ›


I have been looking for an unusual keyring lately and realised that nice ones are not so easy to find. The first problem is that, unless you go to a shop that cuts keys, there is no logical place to… Read More ›

Recent royal fashion

I was struck by three gorgeous ensembles recently worn by members of royal houses. First the Queen of Bhutan on her birthday. The colours and textures in this outfit are stunning, and they match the surroundings to perfection. And then… Read More ›

African butterflies

I often wear these ‘African Butterflies’ when I want to clip my hair back or have it in a bun. They are basically two hair combs joined with elastic threads. On the threads you can put beads, crystals, charms –… Read More ›