Filofax Henley in personal size

This is a model you very seldom see. And it was a model I definitely almost DIDN’T see!

I have a black pocket Henley which I really like but had never seen a personal sized brown one. Ena S contacted me one day in early August (she knows I love rarities and has found several of mine for me) to let me know there was one on German eBay. She bought and paid for it before she even knew if I wanted it, because she was afraid it would sell before I decided one way or another.

Well, I saw it and said yes immediately. I paid for it, Ena posted it and I waited eagerly for it to arrive. After about 10 days I contacted the post office who could not find the parcel. They said it was definitely not on its way to Sweden.

I then contacted Ena and we found out that the parcel was on its way to MAURITIUS of all places. At this point I felt awful because Ena wanted to refund me the money and I didn’t feel she should take a loss for something that she had bought only for me. But she refunded me anyway and we waited for the verdict from the German postal investigation.

Two days ago, more than two months after Ena had first posted it, it actually arrived on my doorstep. In perfect shape, the packaging untouched and oh so beautiful!

I quickly paid Ena and unpacked this beauty. It will always be special to me because of the walkabout it did – halfway across the world.

This community is full of wonderful people like Ena, who bought my Mulberry Double Binder, my Classic Filofax Mashup and has offered me some gorgeous Mulberry beauties over the years. Ena you are a star!

The Henley is a lovely binder, with the same useful layout as the Kensington. Because of the zippered pocket and horizontal credit card slots, it is ideal for use as a wallet. The faux basketweave is found both front and back and the external popper closure brings back the glory days of Filofax.





And here is my black one


Author: Janet Carr

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