I love muesli. It is actually one of my few food weaknesses. Once I start eating it I can’t stop and it is usually loaded with calories (both the good and the bad kind, given that it often has a… Read More ›

Strange habits

This really resonated with me. Even though I am a ‘straight in and out’ person, when I was growing up we always had a calendar behind the toilet door. I knew those calendars so well that I can remember the… Read More ›

Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht

Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht, out of Middelpos Zoro (Welbekend Kojack x Nostras Oxo) x Pancer Tabitha (Piet Zyn Drift Ulli x GrootGeluk Catherina) is owned by Miriam Koopen of Blygedacht Boerboele in The Netherlands. Miriam and Jean-Pierre also took these… Read More ›

Monkey business

This is one of my favourite photographs of all time. This Celebes crested macaque (Macaca nigra) was playing around with the camera of British wildlife photographer David Slater, and took a series of selfies. Look at those eyes! And that… Read More ›