astrid&agnes rings

  I have three astrid&agnes Gaia rings that I wear on my middle fingers. Of all my costume jewellery, these are probably the ones that receive the most compliments. I buy them when they are on sale and so they… Read More ›

By Birdie jewellery

I really like By Birdie jewellery, by Danish designer Birdie Wendelboe. See the By Birdie Facebook page here.   It reminds me of some of the jewellery by¬†JKASHIArtStudio on Etsy,¬†though blingier.  

Carrotbox Blog

If you love rings (particularly unusual and striking rings) as I do, then The Carrotbox Blog (food for your fingers) is a must. The blog features architectural and artistic wonders like these There is also a shop, where you can… Read More ›