Filofaxes and other ring organisers

Lidl ring organisers

When we made our monthly trip to Lidl today, they had these. Faux leather personal-sized ring organisers for €4/$4. Considering the price, they felt really nice. They would not last a lifetime, naturally but they come boxed, with plastic dividers,… Read More ›

Planning in pandemia

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am finding life rather stressful at the moment. Not as stressful as someone in essential services of course, but having difficulty keeping control of my schedule is very difficult for a Type… Read More ›

The Superior Labor

The Superior Labor is another brand I love. It has a very rustic, utilitarian aesthetic that reminds me of Traveler’s Company, but with a wider range of products. They have stunning leather and canvas handbags, quality leather notebook covers that… Read More ›