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I called my blog ‘This Bug’s Life’ because sometimes I feel like a cockroach squashed under the Shoe of Life, but mostly I feel like a bumblebee – bumblebees are unable to fly but no one told them that so they do it anyway! I even have a bumblebee tattoo on my hip.

I am South African – a former university lecturer in Journalism, now working as a language specialist and translator in Stockholm, Sweden. I love animals (particularly cats and South African Boerboels), English, languages, stationery, handbags, fashion, beauty products, useless information, and bungy-jumping so you can see plenty of those on my blog. Always willing to oblige requests for posts and answer any questions I can, so feel free to contact me at janet.carr AT gmail.com or use the contact form below.

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  1. First time visiting your site. You seem like such an interesting person! Was making homemade candles and someone requested turquoise but I only had aqua dye. Your answer and side by side photos were very helpful. Thank you

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  2. Hello, I think I’ve seen one of your photos used elsewhere: https://www.mayfair-london.co.uk/blog/get-organised-with-a-filofax-this-january/01/2014/
    Maybe you gave permission, but I didn’t see a credit.


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