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I called my blog ‘This Bug’s Life’ because sometimes I feel like a cockroach squashed under the Shoe of Life, but mostly I feel like a bumblebee – bumblebees are unable to fly but no one told them that, so they do it anyway!

I am South African – a former university lecturer in journalism and media studies, now working as a language specialist (teacher, coach, mentor, speechwriter, editor, proofreader) and translator in Stockholm, Sweden. I mainly work teaching people in positions of power to talk about Sweden and how it works, in English.

I love animals (particularly cats and South African Boerboels), English, languages, stationery, handbags, fashion, beauty products, useless information, and bungy-jumping so you can see plenty of those on my blog.

I am always willing to oblige requests for posts and answer any questions I can, so feel free to contact me at janet.carr AT gmail.com or use the contact form below.

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  1. I came across your site looking up Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We have two, Thandi and Shumba. I’m also from SA and was sadly reminded of the crime and misery in SA reading your worst trip ever post. My heart bleeds for SA. 😦

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  2. Cats bring you the best in life.

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  3. Hi I found your excellent site about NFC, MC, & SC. I am trying to figure which I have. I believe MC & she is polydactyl — lovely paws. Then saw we are both Janet. I live in Oklahoma Peace, Janet

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  4. Dear Janet, I came across your blog when looking for visual examples of aqua, teal, and turquoise. I love your “about me!” It made me smile! 🙂 I love how you savor life. You inspire me. Keep doing what you do. Un abrazo, Genie

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  5. hello janet carr i’m from mexico, my teacher told me that i needed to study the phonetic and i watched your site, i love it! i hope that you help me to learn very much about it. thank you.

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  6. I love the bumble bee because they’re a wonder of nature, with a body so big how his little wings are able to take flight amazes me. xxx

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  7. First time visiting your site. You seem like such an interesting person! Was making homemade candles and someone requested turquoise but I only had aqua dye. Your answer and side by side photos were very helpful. Thank you

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  8. Hello, I think I’ve seen one of your photos used elsewhere: https://www.mayfair-london.co.uk/blog/get-organised-with-a-filofax-this-january/01/2014/
    Maybe you gave permission, but I didn’t see a credit.

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