Another post about Boerboel Crespo – The Beautiful Lion Dog of Greece


I have written about Crespo before – here and here.  He is now 11 months old so I have received permission to post more photographs of him as he grows older.  Crespo is out of Middelpos Oenno and Afrika Bella, and is owned by Dimitris Efthimiou of Boerboel Greece. He is brother to Cay-Cay and Cuba and was born on 7th August 2012 in Portugal. To me he looks just like a lion which is very apt because when I was little I was told exciting bedtime stories of Boerboels being lion dogs because they could take down a lion and also because there were tales of the first Boerboels being cross-bred with lions to create dogs with extreme strength and bravery. Apparently he has a wonderful temperament and good guarding instincts. It is going to be so exciting to see how he develops over the next year or two and I can’t wait to see what his puppies look like! Crespo means ‘harsh’ or ‘rough’ in Portuguese. Thank you Dimitris!

For an index of all my Boerboel posts, see here

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  1. Lovely dogs they are indeed. I would try and breed away from sway back though if I was you simply because a soft back can become a very real health problem in pregnant bitches especialy.

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  2. This Veiligplek Crespo is really a beautiful dog. Hope to see more pictures! I have never seen this specific breed of Boerboel before, and I don’t think you can get them here in Scandinavia. I have a South Africa Boerboel, which is fawn with black nose/face. //Mick Sweden


    • I have written many many posts about him – right from when he was a puppy and he is indeed beautiful. If you do a search you will find lots of photographs. His mother has the coloring of your BB and some of his pups do as well. And his owner is in the EU so you could always buy one of his pups. One of his last pups looks just like him but is fawn like your one. PS I am also in Sweden 🙂



  1. Boerboel Index | Janet Carr @

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