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I wore the Jet Set watch below for at least six years. I bought it very cheaply but the battery lasted at least three years and it still has the original strap. It is a Jet Set San Remo. I love it because I can see it in class without having to obviously look at it (which is unsettling to students) and they can see it without obviously looking at it (which would be unsettling to me). Fossil watches have an 11-year guarantee which covers the battery as well (I asked twice about that because I didn’t believe it but yep, it’s true it seems.

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Sadly, when I changed the time recently (I went from one time zone to another) the winding pin fell out. I need a watch every day for work so I had to find a replacement at short notice. I dashed into the first shop I found which sold watches and bought a Fossil men’s dual time watch on a half-price sale which I am pretty happy with.  It does fulfill some of my criteria as it is gold with a brown strap and has minute markings and a second hand. The dual faces mean that if I am working with a client in another time zone I can see what the time is for them. It is much smaller than I am used to though so I am hoping that my Jet Set can be fixed.

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