Giant scrunchie by Sempangi

I wrote recently about Good Squish giant scrunchies, which I have been dying to try but are way too spendy for me.

I was at a flea market yesterday and found this giant scrunchie made from traditional Ugandan fabric. It is not a colour I would normally wear but it was the only one in size ginormous and I really wanted it! It was handmade and $10. I love it and put it in my hair immediately even though I was wearing pink and blue and it definitely did not match.  I was not sure I could carry off a really big hair accessory but the owner of the stall approached me as I was walking home after lunch and asked if she could take a photo for her page. So it must have looked okay.

It is by Sempangi and they had the most beautiful clothes and accessories. I loved the hair accessories. The stall owner is also lovely and will be making some more giant scrunchies soon.


But the earrings were really nice too!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Seriously, what a gorgeous scrunchy! I absolutely love the colours! To be honest, while the other giant scrunchy was very pretty, I think this one is even prettier! Because my hair is so thin and fine, a scrunchy like this would dwarf my head!… I really love all the different patterns from the fabric she uses…

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