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I have just binge-watched 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. I would imagine the viewer demographic is more male than female, but I love Katy Sagal as Gemma Teller-Morrow. She is the wife of the Executive Producer, Kurt Sutter, who also played Otto in the series.

Katy is in her sixties, yet her character, the matriarch of the biker club, was powerful, sexy and extremely attractive. They did not use camera filters on her, and if she has had surgery it was done extremely well. She does not have chocolate box pretty looks but her angular strong features make her all the more strong and sexy looking.

The wardrobe Katy wears in her role as Gemma Teller-Morrow is sexy and biker/rock chick (she is a singer so she has that whole Stevie Nicks thing going), but still age appropriate and not slutty. Who says 60-year olds have to wear elastic-waist Crimplene slacks and orthopaedic shoes?

The clothes Gemma wears are not extremely expensive designer duds either. She rocks Frye, Steve Madden, and Elizabeth and James boots, Citizens of Humanity, Seven and Guess jeans, and Royal Underground leather jackets (recognized by the fleur de lis charms hanging from the zipper pulls). She carries Harley Davidson and Betsey Johnson bags quite a lot. Betsey Johnson’s Bows and Arrows bag is the one she carries the most. Her belts are always striking and really top off her outfits. Her jewellery is usually delicate and layered which adds impact without overwhelming her outfits. Nothing is ever too shiny. Her earrings are often by Lucky.

One thing you can see with Gemma’s wardrobe is the importance of fit. Everything fits beautifully and suits her shape. This is one of the benefits of having a costume designer on the show. But for us lesser mortals, we can buy clothes and have them altered by a local seamstress for a perfect fit. It is often not expensive and really makes a world of difference.

The Sons of Anarchy site carried copies of quite a few items of jewellery worn in the series and I was so sorry to have missed out on the big ring with the yellow stone that Gemma wears through most of the series (see photo below).

They still sell the Lois Hill silver saddle ring that Gemma wears all the time, though (see below). Kelli Jones, the costume designer for the show, designed quite a few items for Gemma that were sold in the SOA store.

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You don’t notice this, but her upper arms and deep cleavage are usually covered, and she does not show much skin in places older women should keep covered (a good tip for all of us).
It is so nice seeing an older woman in a big role, playing an older woman who is powerful, sexy and has a voice. Most women of a certain age are relegated to bit parts as the grandmother, but Katy owns the screen in every single episode. She wears what she wants without looking ridiculous.

This coat was especially made for her
Royal Underground leather waistcoat and jeans by Citizens of Humanity.

Katey Sagal Sons of Anarchy

Jeans by Seven, Boots (not seen) by Elizabeth and James and shirt by Elie Tahari
Katey Sagal Sons of Anarchy
And over and over again you can see the value of a good belt to pull together and add the final touch to an outfit.



Gemma is wearing Adrienne boots by Frye




Gemma Teller Style


This saddle ring is still available on the Sons of Anarchy website



Royal Underground leather jacket
This coat was made especially for Katy’s character.








Sons of Anarchy - Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal) and Clarence 'Clay' Morrow (Ron Perlman) © 2011 FX, Photo by James Minchin III

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Where can I have made the long leather half zippered coat Gema Teller wore on SOA? I have been searching for two years!

  2. I Love SONs have watched it from begining to end three times❤️ Love it.. question Gema wore a Red with Black , it has a crusifix on the back where can I find one. She is walking in front of a store stops to help out that homeless chick that’s comes out through out the episodes. Gives her cash and tells her not to shoot it up. I love that blouse….

  3. Great website! It answered so many of my questions! I have another one though. I’ve been searching for lace up tall heel boots for a while now but am coming up short. In the photo (I believe the 17th one) where Gemma (wearing black leggings) is standing next to Clay on his bike. Are those boots lace up? Do you know if they are Frye too? I would love to get those!

      1. Looks like those Frye button up boots have long been discontinued from Frye. I’ve searched forever for a pair even remotely close to them.

  4. Who makes the bag in the picture above where she’s wearing the plaid shirt over the blue/grey top?

  5. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your information. You’ve done anwesome job.
    I was hoping you could help me track down the large ring the lawyer wore on sons of anarchy, Ally Lowen/Robin Weigert. I have been trying for some time but no luck.
    Hope to hear back from you.
    Cheers again

  6. Gemma wore reading glasses that were two toned, looked like some kind of ivory colored bone. Do you know the manufacturer? I still can’t find a picture online of them. Thanks!

  7. Janet, I was wondering if you could tell me where the gray jacket Tara wore in Season 1, 2 & 3 came from. It was gray, with little stud things on the pockets. I know most of her clothes were Free People, Guess or Express brands, but that is the only thing for my collection I still haven’t been able to track down.

  8. Does anyone know where I can buy Gemma Teller’s style tops? Really love the black tops – also don’t mind the black tops with lace sleeves

  9. I want to change my whole wardrobe to reflect hers! Love Gemma style. Who was her wardrobe stylist?

  10. Season 6 episode 9. Her ombre long sleeved shirt. Black fading to white. An y idea of the brand?

  11. Great research!!! MAybe you can help me…. The leather duster that they especially made for her, can you tell me where we could find one similar??? I have looked land looked and looked… cant find one even similar?

    1. I have received this question a couple of times and my recommendation is to find a local seamstress and give photographs of the coat to see if they can reproduce it. You can also find someone online. It won’t be exactly the same of course but close. Good luck!

      1. Im a transgender male to female in my 50 Katy Sagals wardrobe is what I Stive for.As I also was a Biker in my past life

  12. isn’t this the woman who played on the tv show – married with children? she is aging well, still
    looks beautiful. wonder if she carries a filofax in any of her gear…..

  13. Does anyone know what is the brand of the sunglasses Genma wears that look like pink or brown in the sun?

  14. Does anyone know what is the brand of the sunglasses Genma wears that look like pink or brwon in the sun?

  15. I really want a purse like Gemma uses in SOA. Can anyone please tell me where I can get one?

      1. its a hobo bag with chains – the one in the pic W/ her wearing the Royal Underground leather waistcoat and jeans by Citizens of Humanity.

  16. I am a 61 year old trucker. Never a fan of pull on pants, Katie’s wardrobe in SOA is an example of how to dress like a woman wirhout being a caricature.

  17. Do you know where the lace up leather jacket is from? I am in love with it. It is in one of the images you have posted.

    1. It looks a bit like one that Kelli Jones designed for the Fxnetworks.com SOA shop a few years ago (now sold out, but it was called Limited Edition Gemma’s Leather Jacket Black), but I am not sure where this exact one came from, sorry!

  18. I love this show period
    And I’m yet again binge
    Watching the son’s of anarchy
    I love gema everyday wardrobe
    Thank you for sharing the information
    Besides the boots, I looking for her belts aswell
    Can you research plezzzzzzzz

  19. Does anyone know who makes the purse she uses a lot with the chains on it???? It is not the Bows and Arrows purse, that one has no chains. Thanks

  20. Do you possibly know who makes the knee-high black boots with the button details? I have been looking for these for years!!! They are the holy grail of boots. thanks so much!

  21. In the tenth picture down where Gemma stands by the camera crew, what brand are those stiletto ankle boots she’s wearing? Been trying to find something like them.

      1. I think I found them, but they’re out of stock:(

        Costume National Bootie
        270 CAD Sold out COSTUMENATIONAL.COM
        Sueded; Rubber sole; Cut-out detailing; Logo details; Leather. Heel height: 5.1 INCHES. Platform height: 1.6 INCHES.

  22. Well, now I know I have at least two things in common with you…mad love for paper planners, and mad love for Gemma! I’m so sad SOA is no longer on, because I loved Gemma like I loved Carmela of The Sopranos. Gemma was the glue that held that show together!

  23. Ok, Janet going to test your mad skills..lol
    You know the brands of clothes she is wearing but can you
    tell us what bags she is carrying in photo #2 & #9?
    I also agree with your opinions on her dress code.

    1. I am not sure about those bags but she carries Harley Davidson and Betsey Johnson bags quite a lot. The Betsey Johnson Bows and Arrows bag is the one she carries the most. I think that is the one in photograph 2.

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