Wera black leather bag in use

I have been using this bag for a week now and it has been a great success so far.

It is not a bag I would be willing to carry from place to place all day. Sometimes I am in 6 or 7 different workplaces in one day. That is a lot of walking and stairs, and I have undertaken not to carry heavy loads on my shoulder for more than a few minutes at a time. So for those days, it will be a backpack.

This week and next week, however, I am teaching an intensive course in the Swedish Parliament. I walk from home to the underground station (7 minutes) and then from the destination station to the Parliament (7 minutes). The rest of the day the bag stays in my teaching room, until I do the 7 + 7 minutes home.

The bag fits A4 papers, my laptop, and my necessities (umbrella, reading glasses, makeup bag, charger, snacks, gum, cardigan, phone) and looks very elegant. I love the smooth inky black leather. I was not sure whether I should buy it or not, because it is a size that could get heavy. But for the bargainous price of $30, I am glad I did.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Didn’t you buy that bag on the 22nd August so that makes it three days not a week. I’m getting confused now.

    1. It sounds confusing because I schedule some posts up to a month in advance. Others I write the day before! I bought the bag on 7 August and scheduled the post to publish a couple of weeks later. I started using it last Wednesday and wrote today’s post last night. This means I can write blog posts in advance to auto-publish when I am very busy or travelling, but can also end to some things being out of context.

      1. Oh I see. Thank you for clarifying! I thought the heat was melting my brain.
        Also my first post wouldn’t display and I kept getting an error message. So I used an other email address to post an other post and now both appear!

  2. Didn’t you buy that bag on the 22nd August? That makes it three days, not a week. I’m getting confused now.

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