Filofax Slimline Executive bargain

I went to collect my new glasses today and on the way stumbled onto one of those random neighbourhood fleamarkets that you find in summer in Stockholm. On the first blanket I passed was this, for $3. It is used, and needs a quick clean, but other than that it is in perfect shape, and great for travelling as it is so small and the interior layout is nicely designed.

I don’t have a slimline anymore, because I prefer binders with straps, but these ones fit much more easily into pockets and flaps on travel bags than the bigger ones do. A previous Slimline that I loved to bits and used a lot while travelling was my Filofax Classic Slimline in black.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have a thrashed Classic Slimline and in the past broke the rings off a Holborn slimline. You’re absolutely right – excellent travel organizers, and for men will often fit as wallets in jacket pockets!

  2. Ah, the pleasures of Filofax.Though mine is not a Slimline (more Obeaseline) it’s been with me everyday since I bought it at the Harvard Coop in 1994. Nothing hi-tech for me; I must write things down and store my ever-present ephemera – hence the “obease” reference.
    Good luck with Slim.

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