What on earth was HR thinking?

I read this hysterically funny and also desperately sad Reddit post the other day. The Original Poster (OP) received an invitation to a theme party from HR at his company. The party was to be held at an old Alabama cotton plantation, and required ‘period-appropriate’ dress.

OP said that he is the only black person at his workplace and is often forgotten about. He must have been forgotten when the invitation was sent out because who could be that stupid??? The HR person should be totally ashamed of themselves – having a period party at a cotton plantation??

So he went as a slave…

The result was that the HR person who organised the party was fired, OP got a big promotion and a huge raise in salary, and the party was cancelled soon after it started.

Wife and I are attending a “period appropriate” work Halloween costume party, on an old plantation in Alabama. There aren’t many options for someone like me…

In the end, the boss cancelled the party, and the CEO, who was supposed to be at the party, never showed up. The reason they gave for cancelling the party was “inclement weather,” and, while it DID rain, and the party WAS supposed to be outside, the location had more than enough space inside for there to be some sort of contingency plan. It’s also a bit odd that the CEO cancelled, as far as I know, he isn’t allergic to rain.

I am the only black employee, and I am often forgotten about. The moment I saw the theme of the party, I realized I had once again been overlooked… I’m thinking this may be the last time that happens, lol

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    1. The mind utterly boggles at how a company can be so tone-deaf and ignorant. Apparently the HR person was a social justice warrior, too. Apparently her sense of social justice ended at race.

      1. These SJW always end up making things so much worse. Even though it must have been painful for this man to do this, I’m really glad he did!… There have been plenty of news around plantations and how they are (mis)used at the moment.

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