Set up of Slimline Classic Filofax – including inserts from 1983!

I have now moved completely into my black slimline Classic Filofax. The leather is soft and flexible, I like the square corners, and the tiny rings keep me from overstuffing.

I am planning on using this one for my trip to South Africa. I will be able to note itineraries, take bookings for the autumn term, and keep lists for South Africa and also Sweden when I get back.

This binder is soft and flexible (no stiffening), it has gorgeous square corners and tiny rings
Nice and slim. The weight of the pen keeps the cover shut and the contents safe in my bag. I have never used a binder without a clasp of some sort and was worried that this would fall open in my bag but that has not been a problem at all. 
Lots of credit card slots, a slip pocket and a pen loop that fits my pen

These tear-off memo sheets are from 1983. They are on the front for quick notes to myself and to students.

Then comes my vertical week on two pages calendar by Filofax. I usually use the white Burde ones but at this time of year they are all sold out. I like vertical week on two pages as it gives me a quick overview of my week and is an ideal layout if you need to schedule appointments.
After that comes a Burde weekly calendar which is ideal for daily lists. As you can see I only have until October in this binder, because it is for me to use for travel to South Africa. I am returning in August. 
Then comes 1991 Filofax inserts. A really nice to do list with check boxes and nice big spaces in which to write. I miss the days when there were so many different well-designed Filofax inserts. 
Then come stamps and hole reinforcing patches in a clear Filofax pocket. This pocket is also an old one so it is nice and sturdy

Zip pocket with cash, coins and keys
Various papers in the right hand slip pocket. A beloved card and two receipts from a consignment store where I sell my handbags


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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