I love the Great British Bake-Off

This is so me! I love the Great British Bakeoff. In the beginning it didn’t seem like something I would enjoy because the most I have ever baked is muffins and ginger biscuits. I am not interested in cooking and can only do the basics. I do love eating  though – particularly cakes and desserts. Luckily my husband is a chef-quality cook who loves pottering around in the kitchen. He makes his own jams, pickles, mayonnaise and whips up divine meals while singing all the way.

With GBB things not only have to look perfect, they have to taste amazing too. The judges really know their stuff so I am now addicted to watching at least one episode a day and following the star bakers. Can recommend!

I have often discovered favourite television shows through them being on in the background when I do stuff. Then I will stop and watch for a second as I am on my way to load the washing machine. Followed by me sitting for a second before I load the dishwasher, thinking ‘I’m just going to watch this bit’ and then ending up hooked.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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