Setup of Louis Vuitton MM agenda

I have received some requests to share the setup of my Louis Vuitton MM agenda.

My setup must seem very boring and basic to some, but it is what works for me. I have had the same basic setup for decades!

  • I use my beloved Burde week on two pages vertical setup for my bookings. I like the feel and colour of the paper and the fact that there are time increments for each day, rather than just on Mondays as the Filofax refills have. I just write the code for the client and the time. I only ever use a vertical layout for my bookings because this gives me an at-a-glance look at the week and I can see which days are busy and which are quieter.
  • Behind that I use page-a-day Filofax calendar inserts for my daily to do lists and advance planning. This allows me to concentrate on a day at a time and remove these pages once they are done.
  • Behind the page-a-day calendar inserts is lined notepaper, which I use for more longer term to do lists and for other kinds of planning. For example, I am having my annual medical checkup in a month and I have started a list of things to talk to the doctor about. I also have a family gift list for our trip to South Africa.
  • Behind that are clear plastic envelopes of several kinds, which hold receipts, notes, business cards, stamps, little stickers, hole reinforcers etc.
  • And at the front and back I pop things into little pockets.
  • My pen is a pretty cheapie that I bought at a local store.
  • Instead of dividers to demarcate each section, I use clear plastic rulers.

This is a cheap rose gold pen I bought from a local chainstore. I like the autumn-coloured stars that float in the upper part.

I have various cards and bits of paper in the front pockets. I love the gold heat stamping that Louis Vuitton did for me. My middle name is Joy, after my mother, so I loved being able to include that initial too. My married surname is Gustafsson.

This is a rather battered dashboard that I picked up at a local shop as part of an insert package

My bookings pages. These stay in my calendar for about 3 months after I have invoiced for them. If there are no queries, I remove three months back, and add three months ahead.

I hardly ever use washi or stickers, but when I have courses that last all morning, all afternoon, or all day, I find it easier to just mark them off with washi or stickers.

Behind my vertical week on two pages calendar, I have page a day pages for daily lists. I remove them when I am finished with them.

Lined notepaper

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  1. Love the plastic folders. Did you make them yourself?

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  1. Planning in this time of chaos – Janet Carr @

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