Queen Victoria’s engagement ring


Queen Victoria (24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901) had a rather unusual engagement ring by today’s standards, though the serpent was an ancient Roman symbol for everlasting love and so-called ouroboros rings were very popular in the Victorian era. The serpent in Queen Victoria’s ring had ruby eyes, a diamond mouth and an emerald (Victoria’s birthstone – birthstone engagement rings were more common than diamond rings in those days) in the centre. Prince Albert designed it and Victoria was buried wearing it.

Queen Victoria:

  • had to propose to Albert because she was a Queen at the time
  • made wearing white wedding dresses ‘a thing’
  • was the first Queen to live at Buckingham Palace
  • was barely five feet tall
  • was only 18 when she became Queen
  • survived multiple attempts to assassinate her (one man attempted to assassinate her EIGHT times)
  • was the first member of the royal family to ride on a train
  • popularised the Christmas tree

While trying to find out more information about Queen Victoria’s engagement ring, I found some interesting information about royal engagement rings on this page

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  1. Do not like a snake as an engagement ring!! I like Princess Eugenie’s ring and Zara Philip’s ring the best here!! xx

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  2. A few days ago, I saw a bracelet like this, and the price is very cheap, but a little worried about the quality, can you give me some advice? http://systore.ebcoo.net/product/silver-ring-fashion-bracelet/

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    • I am afraid that I am very cynical when buying cheap things from unknown sites on the internet. I have bought things that turned out to be so disappointing in real life compared to the stunning photographs. If it is really cheap, there would be no harm in giving it a go. If not, I would stick to reputable sites where they have a good return policy.


  3. You always share such fun stuff! I always click eagerly on your posted items when the appear in my inbox. Thanks as always!

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