Louis Vuitton 2020 inserts for MM agenda

I do wish these had had gilt edges, but maybe the yellow edges will grow on me. The designs on the monthly dividers are gorgeous, though I wish they were all in the same style. I love the stickers! The paper is nice and thin – less bulky than Filofax paper for example, but not as thin as Tomoe River paper.

These inserts were pricey – $81 for MM size – but the binder cost $30 so, all in all, not too bad.

I can take more photos later if anyone has any questions about anything.

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  1. hi, I need a refill for the GM agenda but on the internet there is only a complete version for the GM (but i only need the weekplanner bcs i have all the rest)
    Does the PM planner also fit in the GM cover? Are the rings going to fit in the perforated part?

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  2. i know…late too the game 🙂 but…. Do the monthly layouts come in the smaller package as well?
    thank you

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  3. Hi do all the inserts fit into the PM agenda? Thanks for sharing ! 🙂


  4. Does this refill pack come with the pullout map? I thought I saw something that looked like a map but not sure. Also, what do the weekly pages look like? Do you know?

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  5. OMG how did you get your soon soon? I’ve been calling since late August and LV keeps telling me the date keeps getting pushed back. Thanks in advance.

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    • The Swedish Louis Vuitton store received their 2020 inserts on 13th September, and I bought mine in-store on the 14th September. Where are you situated? Perhaps they come out at different times in different parts of the world? I am not sure where they are printed, and if they are printed at different locations, leading to different release times? I hope you get yours soon!


  6. I hate the yellow. Thanks for the photos, mine haven’t arrived yet

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  7. Hi. I was wondering why they aren’t available online anywhere and here is why. Just found this information on Purseforum, but the agenda refills were calling in for return due some bad dates printed. So maybe check yours just to be sure.

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  8. Nice! Stickers too!

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  9. I absolutely love these!

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  10. Ooohhh, the stickers! You are so right!

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