Louis Vuitton agenda and refills

Yesterday I had some time to spare so I went to the Louis Vuitton store in Stockholm as soon as it opened to look at their 2020 agenda refills.

It is years since I have been in a Louis Vuitton shop and I have to admit I am always intimidated by high end stores. I have owned designer items but they are usually pre-loved, previous season models from outlets, or vintage store finds. The only expensive shop where I have bought something new has been in Mulberry’s Duty Free at Heathrow.  I bought my Darwin Oak Tooled Bayswater and Roxanne there.

At Louis Vuitton the door is opened by one person, while another person with an iPad steps forward and takes your name. You are free to browse and, when a sales associate is free, they come and find you. Even though I was only buying an agenda refill, I was treated like a queen.

Coffee while I waited…

When someone was free they came over to help me. My sales associate was so excited when I asked for the agenda refills because they had just arrived. I really liked this year’s design. I have to admit I was not too fond of their 2019 design so this one was a pleasant surprise. You have a choice of just agenda or the full package but I liked the full package.

I was not going to buy them as they cost a lot but they were so pretty and payday was last week, plus the agenda was a bargain, so…

They packaged them beautifully

They also heat stamped my initials on my agenda while I was there, for free. I chose gold, medium-size, and full stops between my initials.

You can have this done on almost any Vuitton model, and it is offered as a complimentary service no matter how old the item is or where it was bought, as long as the item is genuine. They do it while you wait unless there is a backlog, in which case it takes a day or so.

They did warn me that well-used items like mine can sometimes not take gold stamping well because of the build-up of oils on the leather from being handled. It means that the foil does not hold well. But I thought I would give it a shot.

Interestingly, they also told me that in the last year, agenda sales have shot up. So paper is on the way back, perhaps?

Author: Janet Carr

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