Flea markets and Louis Vuitton


There is a flea market over the road from where I live that I adore. It happens sporadically and is not really advertised everywhere, but fashionistas come from all over to scratch for gems.

I live in an interesting part of Stockholm – it is a fascinating blend of down-at-heel and blisteringly hip. You can walk down a street that has dive bars and shuttered shops next to beautifully curated vintage shops and guitar cafés.

Some Saturday flea markets are the type where you have to really scratch through stalls of tat to find gems. Old spoons and battered biscuit tins jostle for place beside fresh farm produce and faded video cassettes.

But the market opposite our apartment hits the bullseye every time. Effortlessly cool fashionistas congregate to sell their wares while eating and drinking at the restaurant – Bleck – that hosts the market. The clothes are really interesting because they are so beautifully curated – budget brands such as H and M and Zara nestle beside Burberry and Acne. Achingly perfect vintage items hang beside new items, but everything is beautiful, showing that style doesn’t have to have a designer label. There are always interesting handbags for sale – everything from top end designers at nice prices, to handcrafted vintage leather bags from the 1970s. When you rifle through the racks you are not sure what brand will pop up next. The prices are also really really good.


I have found some real bargains here, the best being a gorgeous Bjorg bunny ring that was tarnished black and lying on a table. I only recognised it by the hallmark inside. When I polished it up it was gorgeous, with black diamonds for eyes. It cost $4 and remains by far my best bargain ever, because the original cost a couple of hundred dollars.

I paid about $15 for this Ralph Lauren skirt. The photo is AWFUL (why is my head so big???) but isn’t the skirt grand?

Last Saturday I was meandering along past a stall that had a beautiful Miu Miu Coffer bag in white, and a YSL cream Muse bag – both models from 2006. While I was looking at them, I noticed a Louis Vuitton MM Agenda. It was in great shape and had a well-hidden date code from 2004, which also matched the fact that the rings had no visible rivets/screws.  Well, it was mine for $50. I am taking it for authentication next week.

It has a mark on the spine but at that price I am definitely not complaining!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Great finds! Going to a flea market is a teal treasure hunt and you seem to be excellent at this game. Well done!
    However you say that “style doesn’t have to have a designer label” but you only bought designer items (Ralph Lauren, LV etc). Have you changed your mind?

    1. I have bought both designer (Ralph Lauren, LV) and chain store items (black knitted top from & Other Stories and a Missoni collaboration Lindex dress) at this flea market, because the stalls are so well curated, and everything is beautiful. I think many chain stores have excellent items, but you have to hunt to find them – H and M is a jumble sale most of the time. This flea market has done the hunting for you, unlike other markets where you have to scratch to find the gems.

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