A5 Marbled Bee traveler’s notebook cover

My A5 Marbled Bee TN arrived a few days ago and it is love!

I have written about these covers before, but this is my first. It is absolutely beautiful – quick shipping, beautiful packaging, a lovely handwritten card and a cloth dustbag. Lorraine was an absolute sweetie to deal with.

The leather is light but firm, and the lack of branding means you can flip the cover and use it either way. Some of the patterns differ a great deal between front and back so you get two really different covers.

What I really like about these is that each one is different –  one of a kind. And there is marbling on the inside as well, plus the first ones are signed by the artist.


And here you can see the different types of patterns you can find. They are so different! I have discovered that some jump out at me more than others. And that if you like one – pounce!

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  1. Ooh, that’s gorgeous! Mine came last week – amazingly quickly given you can usually walk post quicker from the US! I dithered for a few days, but kept going back and staring at a personal one in the feathered wing pattern. It’s absolutely lovely. And I have some of Mischa’s rainbow inserts to go into it. Ahem. I might have succumbed to two new notebooks from Mischa as well – a passport and an A7!

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