Black pocket (junior) Van Der Spek Touch Me ring organiser

This is my black junior size Van Der Spek Touch Me ring organiser, equivalent to a Filofax pocket size.

This is the original black Touch Me leather and is so soft and shiny. This one is a slightly pebbled and I just can’t stop smooshing it because it feels so nice! Because this binder has no stiffener in it, it is more accommodating if you like to stuff your binder because the covers bend around the inserts. Touch Mes, despite not being custom designed, have a layout perfect for use as a wallet and planner. They have lots of card slots, slip pockets, secretarial pockets, zip pocket and full length back wallet pocket.  The pen loop is half-leather, half-elastic which is really nice. It is the only kind of pen loop that I can actually use.

I am still very happy in pocket size, which is very very surprising. It is portable, light, compact and easily fits everything I need in my wallet and organiser. I never ever thought I could downsize this much! I have now been in pocket size for almost two months.

And all of this fits!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have a question, is it Vander spek Jounior? Does filofax pocket refill fits on it?
    I will be appreciate your reply. Thank you

      1. May i ask how you buy it! Did you order from vd shopping site? And are they shipping internationally? Sorry to bother you, your diary looks gorgeous and it makde me to have one.

      2. Thank you very much for details, yes i would like to buy the leather just like yours .

      3. Sorry i have one more question,yours the leather looks shiny, is it like buffalo leather like Filofax Malden Black?

      4. Dear Janet,
        Im gonna have to bother you again, sorry.
        How many business days is gonna take to get their reply? I had sent mail a few days ago about placing an order just like you but i havnt heard from you yet. So…

      5. Thanks for your support Janet! I received reply right away, but unfortunately, yours like one is already sold out! I really appreciate your help by now.

      6. PS there is a brown one this size in the Van Der Spek sales group. It is also the old type leather like the black. Let me know if you want the link!

      7. I prefer black in this leather, but i’d love to check the color.

        How ij touch me Janet brown leather? It was with 22 m ring but there was no secretarial pocket on the back…

        Thanks foryour help janet!!

  2. Your VDS binder is beautiful & you are so organized!
    It’s so nice to see all of your pictures! Love your
    Postings! I love Filofax, but the VDS binders are so
    nice. Do you know if you can purchase one and
    have it delivered to the US? 😊

    1. Yes you can – they ship worldwide. The website is – if you do not see what you want there, you can email them and ask. Refer them to my blog post if you want one like this. Good luck!

      1. How do you find the blue Filofax ballpoint? I’ve got a blue one too but I can’t get on with it. It feels a bit scratchy and a bit light in the hand.

      2. I like the way it writes but the point keeps winding back in as I write so I cannot use it for more than a few words without having to twist it out again. I was a bit disappointed in it, to be honest.

      3. Sorry to keep banging on, I really should be more organised! I love the diary inserts. Are they custom made? Any details gratefully received.

      4. They are Burde inserts (my favourites) but Filofax also does similar ones. I prefer these as they have the time on each day and the boxes are easy to write in. If you like Burde ones, I can get you a set here – for your new Touch Me *cough* *cough*

      5. Well Mrs Carr, as much as I like you, what a dilemma I have now!! I recently resolved never to buy another binder. I have just bought a pocket Classic Croc, and that was the end of the road. No doubt about it. But now, I confess I have never seen such a perfectly designed binder. I’ve read your post several times, and looked at the photos ’til my eyes are now square. I must get one, that’s all there is to it.

  3. I am amazed that you managed to stay in the pocket so long! Knowing and following your addiction for big and roomy planners I would have never thought you would get used to that size. Well done, Janet!

    That TM is stunning in terms of texture. I am sure you must handle it a lot. It has become really shiny and looks really supple and soft.
    VdS planners are beautiful, even the non-custom planners. My custom black JL and Undyed junior is fantastic and I am thinking about having an other custom made with a different layout.

    Keep on posting photos of that Junior and the way you use it. Those posts are pure delight!

    1. I am really loving this size. And that is something that I too never thought would happen. It fits everything and is just the right size to not be bulky. Plus the small rings mean I cannot overstuff!

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