TN insert booklets and charms from Jane’s Enigma on Etsy

I have several standard wide size TN covers from Cynthia Mercaldo of Janes Enigma on Etsy. They are made of really thick firm leather, and the colours are beautiful.

Each cover comes with one insert booklet. And the insert booklets are amazing – famously lightweight Tomoe River paper, hand-stitched, a vellum front page with photograph from the Wind and Water series and a gorgeous textured card cover.

I had finished all my booklets and asked Cynthia if I could order more from her – I could! I also ordered some of her lovely TN charms, which feature the same theme as my covers.

They came beautifully wrapped in a cardboard box, brown paper, patterned paper (I couldn’t stop photographing the stunning paper. I have never in my life seen such gorgeous paper), and tissue paper.

One charm was on elastic thread around the books and the other two were in a lovely purple silk pouch. They are really nicely made and, as I mentioned, the photographs in them match the art in the booklets. I particularly like that they do not have lobster clasps, which tend to scratch the covers.

The books are lovely, with teal, turquoise, light grey, dark grey, black, and brown covers. I have shown some of the photographs on the vellum front pages below. Cynthia is a photographer so her work is lovely.

If you wish to order insert booklets, you can send her an Etsy conversation as they are not listed. The charms are listed in the shop.


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  1. Thanks so much, Janet! You are a sweetheart! I so enjoyed making these for you.

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