Look at all the washi tape!


I don’t decorate but I find washi really useful to mark off days where I am booked all day at the same place. In this case I teach every Friday from 09.00 to 17.30 (9 – 10.30, 10.45 to 12.15, 13 – 14.30 and 15 – 17.30) for ten weeks at a time so instead of writing everything out every single Friday for ten weeks, I use a particular washi tape so that I don’t accidentally book anything else in, and that it is easy to see that I am not available.  It is also really quick to do – takes me about three minutes. Another advantage is that if any weeks are cancelled (holidays, half days, illness), I can just lift the washi for that day and see at a glance that I am free to book someone else.

Also,  due to constant use (or cats chasing each other over my pages), the holes in my pages sometimes tear. I used to fix them by placing a hole reinforcer over each hole on both sides of the paper but now I just tape washi over the edge of the page and punch it. Easy peasy!

I have also recently used washi for

  • covering the dates on old page-a-day calendar pages so I can use them for to dos
  • marking the edges of the different sections of my planner so I can easily find them
  • using them to make quick and removable tabs. Just fold so there is a flap sticking up, and you can either use different colour tape to distinguish different sections, or write on them.

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  1. Hi Janet, where did you get the washi-tape you used on the Friday? It looks like the harbour storage houses in Bergen, Norway 🙂

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