Some different organizer brands

There are more organizer brands than the ones in the list below but the live links below are the brands I have featured on my blog:

So here are some more that are worth looking at:

The Bridge and Guidi

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L’Agenda Moderne

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The Lucrin personal organisers, made in genuine leather, come in 3 different sizes: small (15 x 10 cm), medium (A5) and large (18 x 25 cm). Our catalog of personal organisers features varying options like pockets for credit/business cards and strap closures. You may choose from a wide variety of colours and leather types for each model. Furthermore, they can all be personalised by embossing the agenda’s cover with a text, initials or a logo of your choosing, hence making unique gifts ideas.







OS1013_VCLS_002_BCC_1 PM1013_VCGR_002_BCG_1 OS1107_MET_002_ARG OS1107_MET_002_DOR PM1013_AUT_002_ORG PM1013_AUT_002_RGG OS1107_AUT_002_BGE PM1013_CRO_002_MRR


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  1. Is it possible that, although you seem to know everything about ring-bound planners, you forgot this brand ( which is, as I am, French) Exatime ?–01801030
    Their “organiseurs ” exist in three different sizes, Exatime 14, Exatime 17 and Exatime 21, that are the lengths of their pages in centimeters. I used Exatime planners before I ever heard of Filofax , already in the 80’s…

    1. Thanks for this! I don’t have one and I don’t know much about them but now I and my readers do. I am off to do some exploring of this brand!

  2. Which brands should I look at if I’m very cheap? 🙂 I can compromise on the leather as long as the alternative isn’t plain cardboard..

    1. I would say Filofax is your best bet there, though it depends on exactly how cheap you are 🙂 They do have nice cloth covered binders as well. And the Domino and Metropol are faux leather but brilliant binders.

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