A Jet Set Day

Victoria Beckham jeans, Mango boots (very old and comfortable), Michael Kors Fuchsia Jet Set Laptop Tote, Van Der Spek Undyed binder, MacBook Pro 15 inch.

I had quite a nice break last weekend because it was Easter, which in Sweden is a FOUR-day holiday. I was in heaven! That meant, however, that all my work had to be squashed into a four-day day week this week. I spent Tuesday translating, and so Wednesday was my first day back out in the field again. My undyed Van Der Spek binder really worked hard – when you read below you can see why I literally have to have it with me all the time. Wednesday went like this:

  • 4.30am: woke up
  • Checked emails and texts – two cancellations and one request for a schedule change. Replied to the urgent ones that came in during the night. Replied to blog comments. Quickly updated my calendar and added items to my to do list.
  • Fed cats, emptied their sandbox, breakfast, showered, dressed (flat Mango boots as I would be walking a lot, Victoria Beckham jeans, Pink IVKO cardigan over a black camisole and my trusty Michael Kors pink Jet Set laptop tote because I had my computer with me. Also brown leather pilot’s jacket and a blue Burberry scarf)
  • 5.45am: bus then underground to first appointment. While I travelled, I made sure my appointment schedule was up to date.
  • 6am to 8am: meeting (where I write ‘meeting’ it can be teaching a lesson, interpreting, speechwriting or coaching so requires very active participation and concentration on my part)
  • 8am to 9am: meeting
  • 9 – 9.15am: made a vet and dentist appointment while walking
  • 9.15am to 10.15am: meeting
  • 10.30 to 11.30am: meeting
  • 11.30 to 12.00: meeting
  • 12.10 to 12.25: lunch (coffee and carrot cake – eeeek!), checked emails and returned two calls
  • 12.30 to 2pm: meeting
  • 2pm to 2.45: meeting
  • 2.45pm to 3pm: returned a call, texted to confirm two appointment changes, made a doctor’s appointment
  • 3pm  to 4.15: meeting
  • 4.30pm to 5.30pm: meeting
  • 5.45pm – 7pm: underground, grocery shopping, collected a parcel, collected drycleaning, returned two calls then bus home
  • 7pm: evening meal (Swedish meat and potato stew) with some chocolates and some tea. I went through a stage where I was too tired to bother to eat and that meant I had no energy so nowadays I try to eat something when I get home.
  • 8pm – 11pm: replied to emails, prepared lessons for Thursday, confirmed more booking changes, updated all changes in all the systems, booked rooms, played with cats, got outfit ready for tomorrow, updated all lists.
  • 11.30pm: bed, having set my alarm for 4.30am on Thursday morning. I walked 10km today.

Below shows how I work with students when they have difficulty finding a time. I turn my paper calendar into a digital one by taking a photo of it and texting it to the other person. I spent easily 1 hour a day doing work with my schedule and these types of changes can be very complicated as well as time consuming. For every booking or cancellation, I have to change up to 7 schedules. I also keep waiting lists (especially on Wednesday and Thursday) so if someone cancels I then have to contact the people on my waiting lists to see if they want the time. IMG_2994 IMG_2995


They are long days and rather stressful. I don’t get tired while I am working because I run on adrenaline and nervous energy but by the end of the week I am shattered and I don’t want to see anyone or move off the sofa!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I feel that way myself too sometimes! I burned out in 2012 so now I have to be careful not to work until 10pm like I used to. That is why I use vertical week on two page inserts – so I can see if some of my days are getting too long.

  2. I feel exhausted just reading about your schedule! And all on 5 hours of sleep!? I would crash and burn within a week…

    1. Thank you! Yes I love those boots. I got them on a Christmas sale about ten years ago for about $45 and I have worn them almost all the time ever since. I have had them reheeled so many times….you can see how they are aged now. They are waxed leather.

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