Dear ANC, please leave Mr Mandela alone

On principle I have, until now, not written about this video clip which was released by the ANC via the SABC in April of this year. I didn’t want to add more views to an invasion of privacy which seemed so calculated and cruel to a man we should be leaving to live his last days in peace and quiet. He has done enough for us already. He wanted to withdraw from public life. The least we owe him is to respect that wish. Yesterday we heard that he was sick again and that his condition is serious. Please ANC don’t ever make another clip like the one below! Leave the poor old man in peace.

Mandela is old and frail. He has done his bit for the country. The ruling ANC should, instead of wheeling out Mandela like a trophy at every opportunity to calm the worried masses, look within themselves for a new inspirational leader who will practise what he preaches and leads by example. In 1994 Mandela was the reason the country didn’t turn into a bloodbath. Almost twenty years later he should not be the only symbol of hope the party has. If the ANC is worried that the death of Mandela will pitch the country into riots and civil war, then the problem is with the ANC and can not be solved by cruelly exposing a frail old man to the public, when he should be spending his last days in peace and quiet with his loved ones. It is well known that Mandela dislikes camera flashes because his eyes were damaged by the harsh glare of the sun on the limestone of the quarry on Robben Island where he had to do forced labour. That certainly didn’t stop people using flash photography in this clip. Watching him being filmed and photographed and pawed at like an uncomfortable animal in a zoo just seems very very wrong. In this video he doesn’t seem to quite know where he is, there are marks from an oxygen mask on his cheek and Zuma is pretending that all is well. Please leave him alone!

ANC – if, after all these years, Mandela is still the only role model in your party, that is your problem not his so please leave the poor man alone. I heard that the ANC wants Obama to have an audience with him when he visits South Africa – I really hope they reconsider.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. That is shocking – I haven’t read this article before, but the video leaves me with tears in my eyes for the lack of humanity shown him. As you say, he was being treated like an animal in a zoo. All the talk about him being well and smiling etc, looks like it was just talk. I see a man who just wanted to be left in peace to live out the rest of his days. May he rest in eternal peace.

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