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I love Tank. He is a beautiful dog but  in addition to that his wonderful personality seems to shine through in photographs, which doesn’t always happen with animals.

Tank is owned by Yvonne du Randt of Linga-Longa Boerboels. Yvonne breeds gorgeous Boerboels and her love for the breed comes through in every one of her always excellent, sometimes funny photographs and the way she talks about her dogs. I have written about Yvonne’s dogs twice before (here and here) and someone who read one of my articles on her wrote to me that Yvonne not only has lovely dogs and is a super person but that she has also done great things for the breed and is an excellent ambassador for South Africa and this very South African breed. In these days of popularity for the breed, that is unfortunately not something you can say about everyone who breeds them. So we are all lucky that there are Yvonnes in the Boerboel world.

Tank is 9 years old and, in the words of his owner:

In 2011 Tank was Senior Champ and Grand Champ at our regional, and all his offspring were placed, BUT the most important character of Tank is his temperament, and he passes it on through all his offspring.

Tank really has the most wonderful temperament. Everyone is his friend – he loves to be loved and is such a gentleman with the ladies 🙂  All my puppies were raised by him, all the preggie ladies stay with him. I have photos with male dogs and preggie dogs…all squeezing in to sleep with him in his kennel!! And he loves people….oh my word…he loves the world he lives in! 

It’s hard not to fall in love with a dog who loves the world he lives in and whose owner loves him so. Thank you Yvonne for letting me write the story of your beautiful boy and share it with my readers.

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85kg and enormous with a beautiful thick neck.
85kg and enormous with a beautiful thick neck.
At SABT first show in Natal. 2nd place in Male category, Reserve Champion and Reserve Grand Champion 22/09/07
At SABT first show in Natal. 2nd place in Male category, Reserve Champion and Reserve Grand Champion
You can see why this beauty is called Tank!

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With Dean at 2 years 3 months.
With Dean at 2 years 3 months.


A little greyer now but it makes him look like the George Clooney of the Boerboel world. Who didn’t love a man with a few grey streaks!
What a beauty!

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  1. Janet……what compliments to my beautiful boy …my four legged son!! Thank you for writing about Tank … I will certainly let him know what an impression he has made on the “wonderful world he lives in”! 🙂
    I know that there are many of Tank’s off spring has very much the same temperament…with many very happy owners!! 🙂

    Thank you again!!

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