Green pocket-sized Filofax Tejus

This was a recent $3 flea market find. I have discovered a couple of brand new Filofaxes at flea markets lately, probably because the greater masses no longer use them. This one is brand spanking new and pocket sized! I am still in my pocket Belmont but if I change or add a second binder to my routine, this will be it.

I do have a personal-sized Tejus in the same colour, though I have never used it. I will definitely use this one if my pocket journey continues. It has a nice layout, and I have always liked the Tejus leather.


Because this binder is old (probably from the early 1990s), it has 4 rings, instead of the newer 6-ring pocket-size configuration. This binder works perfectly well for me though, because the holes in the paper I use are spaced to fit both the old and the new ring systems. All Burde (the brand I use) inserts have hole spacing that works in multiple formats, and I have plenty of older Filofax inserts from when Filofax used to make inserts that fit both. They have stopped doing that now, so if I need extra holes on new paper, I use my personal-sized hole punch to get the holes in the paper right for this size.

Here is a comparison between my pocket Belmont and the pocket Tejus. As you can see, the Tejus is smaller and more compact

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I bought a brand new blue Tejus (pocket size too) about a year ago and I really like it. I appreciate that it is light. I was looking for a red one but they seem impossible to find contrary to green and blue ones.
    Your find is great! I hope your pocket journey goes smoothly 🙂

  2. That was really a good find fo $3.00 and a beautiful color too. Personally I prefer my binders with a full back pocket for different uses. Can I order that Burde insert on line? I live in Italy. Thanks

  3. Including that full-length slip pocket across the whole outside of a binder really adds bulk. I’m not a fan of that at all. The Tejus is a much better design.

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