Update on using a pocket size planner

I have been in a pocket size planner for a couple of weeks now. After years in personal size, it has been a bit of an adjustment, even though I have used pocket size before. My hands and writing feel gigantic, and I have had to get used to using more notepaper because there are not as many lines on each page.

However, this size is way more portable and lighter, which means it is easier to carry with me each day in my smaller bags. It will also be easier to travel with when we go to South Africa, because I will be working while there.

I started out my pocket journey in my Epoca Gold Gillio Mia Cara in pocket size. Unfortunately I remembered pretty quickly that Mia Caras are bulky and heavy. Even the pocket size has a bit of bulk and heft to it, given that it is actually a leather binder inside a thick leather cover. The rings are pretty small despite the bigger size of the cover, so it has more bulk than it needs to. I love the Mia Cara, but it is more of a desk binder or a travel binder, where you need the extra cover and pockets.

I am out and about for work most days these days, walking or using public transport. I can’t carry heavy things anymore. Every single thing I carry with me has to be as light and compact as possible, and absolutely necessary.

So over the weekend I switched into my Filofax Belmont in pocket size. This binder has a full-length back wallet pocket, and a functional pocket configuration. This means I can carry larger papers in the wallet pocket without adding bulk, and the overall feel is compact. This leather also wears like iron so it won’t mark in my bag.

Belmonts have been one of my favourite Filofax binders for a long time and it felt really good to switch back into one. Even if I do go back to personal size, it will probably be into a Belmont personal.

I didn’t pay the ticket price for this. I think it was €30. But even ticket price is a decent price for the quality you get here.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. What diary pages are you using in your pocket Belmont? You have a rather large handwriting so did you go for the one day per page system?

    I also have a large handwriting and I have had to adjust it to the small space and over time I’ve been able to use week on two pages as I need to se the week at one glance but it has been a struggle.

    I’d be interested to see what system you use.

    1. I will add a photo of my calendar pages when I am at my desk later today. I have been using vertical week on two pages, the same layout I use in bigger planners. And to be honest, that has been a challenge. My writing is too big for the columns. I am hoping I will get used to it.

      1. Thank you! I have never liked using vertical week on two pages systems as I fund the columns tar too narrow, even in personal size planners.
        I hope you manage to get used to the pocket size soon!

  2. I love the fact that people still use pen and paper these days, my planner, because I am now retired so don’t have that much to do, is on my phone. If I were still to work then I would definitely use a pocket sized planner for ease of carrying.

  3. I mometarily tried pocket size pages in the Filofax Notebook which has a spiral binding and paper punched in a similar way to disc planners. The pocket size was too small. At the moment I’m trying an A6 disc system with William Hannah’s Intentional Daily Planning pages and rather enjoying it. I’ve just mocked it up in cardboard covers because I want to be absolutely sure I’ll use it a reasonable amount before I fork out for a leather cover.

    1. I have always found A6 to be a happy medium between pocket and personal, but I cannot get the inserts I like for that size, unfortunately. I should look on Etsy!

  4. Hi Janet,
    This Belmont looks like is well made, I don’t believe having seen it before. I have a variety of pocket and mini filofaxes that I change frequently. I agree that the small ones are more practical for every day use. Do you use yours also as a wallet. I would like to but I can’t make myself do it, because I prefer big wallets!
    Anyway, very nice vlog and best regards from Naples, Italy to you!

    1. Thank you! I used to use pocket size as a wallet but Sweden doesn’t use cash and all my cards are in my phone. It would, however, be perfect as a wallet if you had a little pouch for coins!

  5. Hi Janet!
    Very nice! I still really love my personal size Malden, and still hinting for my personal size dreamplanner, but am thinking about a pocket too… so thanks for the input😃. Wishing well and best regards from Hungary, Magdi Sibalin.

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