Extra planner pages during a busy week

This is another way I add extra calendar pages during busy week – lined notepaper with updated bookings lists for each day.

I book quite a number of lessons in advance. Closer to the  time I have cancellations, time changes, and other bookings squeezed. The original page ends up illegible, or too full of notations. If I misread something or something is illegible, it could end up in disaster.

Last night I rewrote the first three days of next week on plain lined notepaper (Wednesday is on the reverse of the page). I added washi tape to brighten the notepaper up a bit because I am rather stressed at the moment.

My ring organiser really keeps me on top of things. I follow whatever it tells me and I hardly ever double book or miss a lesson. Perhaps once a year?

For each hour of teaching I probably have an hour of administration (Teams invitations, emails, preparation, correction, attendance registers, printing and posting, as well as invoicing). In September I am up to 210 hours of work so far. Next month will be even busier, and travelling time between clients will make my working hours longer. We’ll se how messy my calendar will look then!

For years I used an A5, and that size would definitely be better for what I do. But the binders are so big and heavy that I end up not taking them everywhere I should, and I end up making mistakes. Personal has been a far more versatile size for me, although nowadays I am avoiding my beloved 30mm rings because they make the weight and size less portable for me.

Interestingly, I don’t think what I do is planning. It’s scheduling. And many other people record things, rather than plan things. Although we all call it planning. What do you think?



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. yes – I agree on size – I have always used personal for the same reasons as you – and now with “fold outs” I get more space when absolutely needed – don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself! I’m impressed at your tracking – very important in key business and personal tasks

  2. I use my A5 for scheduling, tracking, and planning, but planning is the smallest part of what I use it for. I primarily work from home and at an office, so the size isn’t a very big problem. Its footprint while open on my desk is reasonable. I am jealous of all those who can fit everything into a personal size planner. Are task lists planning or scheduling if they are on a specific date?

  3. Wow, good idea to put it in the middle. I am actually looking for the layout you use for my personal. Wanted to order it on the filofax website, but they don’t ship to the Netherlands 🙁

  4. Excellent point about planning vs scheduling vs recording. It’s something I contemplate often. I think a planner can be used for all 3, simultaneously or at different times/ in different circumstances.

    I guess if I wanted to get really particular, planning would be, for example, writing down what you need to take to a meeting or do before the meeting to prepare for it. Scheduling is just writing down the time and location but I consider that a form (subset maybe?) of planning.

    1. I always think of planning in terms of projects where you have subgoals and deadlines for each subgoal. Each part of the project would have its own lists. I have seen project planning for huge contracts and it seems impossible without detailed planning for every step of the way. Mine is more just booking meetings, but I guess it is a way of planning my time.

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