Maria Nila haircare

I received a sample of Maria Nila shampoo a couple of months ago and I loved it. I generally stick to shampoo brands my hair likes (Phillip Kingsley, Olaplex, Kerastase, Redken) because it is more sensitive to shampoo than conditioner. I can pretty much use whatever conditioner I like, but my hair is fussy about shampoo. It does not like high-foam shampoo, or shampoo that makes your hair ‘squeaky clean’.

I was needing to stock up so I bought the Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal set above. So far my hair likes it. It left my tresses soft and bouncy. As I have grown older my hair is becoming thinner which I have to admit, is rather depressing. My hair has always been very thick – probably too thick, because I used to have it thinned out when I was younger. Facing thinning locks is, therefore, rather a challenge. This range is supposed to stimulate follicles and reduce hair loss. I am sceptical but there is no harm in trying I guess.

Below is one of the testimonials on their website

Author: Janet Carr

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