My organiser last week

My calendar is never neat, never pretty, the layout never changes, but it works so well for me. As you can see, I use whatever pen I can find and make highlighter stripes that only I can understand. The pink and blue stripes denote when I spend all morning teaching in the same place. I don’t write the names of the groups, just make a highlighter mark to remind myself not to book anything else at those times. Pink is the Parliament, blue is the Government offices.

Last week was a pretty hectic one.

  • We moved from two apartments (our apartment where we lived and my old apartment which I had sublet and recently sold) to our new one.
  • We had to complete all the final paperwork for the apartment we had bought and get keys.
  • We were both working at the same time so everything had to be worked around that.
  • We had deliveries from IKEA, the local cat store (a new cat tree), a bed shop, and an electronics store (a new TV). These purchases came with loads of receipts and warranty papers which had to be filed.
  • Everything had to be connected and/or assembled. Thank goodness for handy husbands because I am hopeless with IKEA furniture.
  • The cats had to be moved from our old flat to the new one after the worst commotion was over. We used the animal taxi
  • I have had loads of changes in my timetable due to COVID-19. I don’t mind changes but they often happen when I am busy with something else so I have to remember to write them down and also update them on our intranet so no one books me for a time where I am no longer available. If I have so many changes on a day that it is confusing and may cause me to make a mistake, I rewrite it in a spare part of the page.
  • We did a big shop on Saturday to stock up on small things we needed (extra shower curtain rings, storage boxes, new towels, tools we needed)

It all went really smoothly. The cats settled in immediately. Our new bed is enormous (210cm wide and 200cm long) so there is plenty of room for both them and us. And on Sunday we finally reached the wonderful ‘to do’ – ‘NEST!’.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Congratulations again on the move! I love those inserts – I need something like those but in English 😉
    Is that your Louis Vuitton? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

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