Dean and Nala

If you are following 1bike1world (details below), you will know who Dean and Nala are. If not, and you are an animal lover, you should follow them immediately.

Dean Nicholson is a Scot who gave up his job to cycle around the world, starting 1 September 2018. In the middle of Bosnia, he heard tiny meows and saw a little kitten desperately running after him. At first he was not going to take her with him but she had obviously been dumped and was starving, so he popped her on his bicycle and she has accompanied him on his travels ever since.

If you watch his social media, you will see that it is now basically Nala’s trip. Everything is done at her pace and for her comfort. He carries less on his bike so he has room for her toys and clothes. He cycles early and late so she is not too hot during the day. When she was spayed and off-colour he took weeks off for her to recover. She developed a respiratory infection from a rainy ride so now he only travels when the weather won’t affect Nala’s health. The bond between them cheers me up every time I am having a tough day. This big tough man would do anything for his little Nala.

They alternate between roughing it in nature and staying in hotels and guesthouses along the way. Many people open their homes to Dean and Nala, and he works with animal rescue whenever he can on his travels, helping animals in need. Their Instagram alone (all links are at the end of the article) shows how little you need to be absolutely happy.

The one thing that strikes me is that Nala has it all. She has her little territory (Dean and the bike and their tent and sleeping bag), she is with her person all day every day, she has plenty of food, fresh air, and exercise (she is on the leash when necessary and free when she is in no danger), and most of all, love.

Along the way, Dean also rescues other animals, and he donates money he receives or makes to animal charities. Following them is an absolute honour.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I just loved this post so much… I showed my dog walker this morning (she has several cats) and she was just crying!!! Then I went to see my cat-lover hairdresser to learn she’s been a Dean and Nala Instagram follower forever!!!!

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