Van Der Spek Standard Touch Me ring organiser with 30mm gold rings

I recently took delivery of this amazing Van Der Spek standard size Menthe Touch Me with 30mm gold rings. This binder is going to be used to plan our wedding, though I have been itching to put it in use as my daily planner because I want it with me all the time.

We are getting married in South Africa so the logistics are quite complicated – longhaul flights for family and ourselves, the venue, the ceremony, paperwork we need, the honeymoon. Although at this point eloping seems to be the way to go!

The new boxes are so beautiful. Really classy and sturdy. You can use them to store your binder, for archival storage or just as a box for your special things. Something like a classy box always adds to a purchasing experience.

Gorgeous tissue paper. I had already opened it, and there are Fluffy-whiskers in the photograph, so it is a bit of a mess!

Protected in plastic. This step may seem unnecessary but I have received packages that had been in torrential rain during some part of the delivery process, and they were soaking. This is a nice extra step in getting your item to you safe and sound and in perfect condition.

This colour is so hard to photograph but it is the most beautiful turquoisey blue with a strong skew towards green. I love it!

Gold 30mm rings (though the popper stays silver on non-custom VDS binders such as the Touch Me. I have always loved this internal layout as it has everything you need – two half-elasticated pen loops, diverse slip pockets, zippered pocket and credit card slots.

That colour…

And the pièce de résistance – completely floppy with that full length back wallet pocket.


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  1. Hi Jane, oh it looks gorgeous. May I ask you where you get this from, because on their webpage is the Touch me standard only in the colours black and tabac available.

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    • The Touch Mes and are available in different seasonal colours. Each season there are more colours introduced and older ones are phased out. For example I have blue, purple and menthe. The current colour range may not be in stock, but you can email Petra via the website and ask what older colours they have that are not listed on the site. This particular colour was discontinued a while back but I asked Petra in December 2018 if she had any left and she did.


  2. Yay! Congrats on the wedding …

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  3. Beautiful! I hope to get a VDS one day! Congrats on your wedding!

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  4. i lovvve vds. and congrats on the wedding! when?Sent from my Sprint Tablet.

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  1. Planning, 2019 version – Janet Carr @

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