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I have known designer Amanda Bigrell for a few years now. She has been at several Filofax meetups in Stockholm, including the most recent one in June, where I saw her beautiful inserts in use. I loved how they were practical yet pretty.

In planning, there seems to be no middle ground between practically plain and very decorative. I am always on the hunt for something that allows me to schedule all my bookings as normal, but is also pretty. I carry my planner around with me everywhere and have to look at it multiple times a day, so I want something that gives me a little spark of pleasure. As the number of Filofax brand inserts drops and the outlets that stock them dwindle, it is nice to know that there are other options out there.

Amanda and I met again last week when she bought my mini Teal Filofax Baroque. Before we met, I asked her if she could bring some samples of her inserts so that I could feature them on my blog. She very kindly agreed.

I will pop the links to Amanda’s shop below the photographs. I really love the variation in the pretty background florals. They are subtle so they don’t distract, but you can see them and it gives a really nice touch to a binder that may normally be very plain.

They are highly customisable, as you can see from these examples. You can add your own text or leave them plain. The dividers are available in several languages.


I am not affiliated with the shop and will buy the printables just like a regular customer. My wish is to showcase pretty yet oh so practical designs. Amanda is also still stocking her shop so keep your eyes peeled for new sizes and designs.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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