Tatsuya Tanaka’s daily miniature calendar

I have followed Tatsuya Tanaka’s daily miniature calendar for years and cannot wait to see his new diorama every day on miniature-calendar.com. I am amazed that he has the imagination and ingenuity to come up with a new one every single day! It is incredibly inspiring to me that he sees everyday objects in such different ways. It makes me stop and look at objects I don’t usually notice in a new way.

And of course, me being me, I wonder – how many little figures does he have? Does he make them? Does he use each one more than once? What comes first, the object or the figures?

Tatsuya Tanaka
Born in Kumamoto in 1981. Currently an art director/miniature photographer based in Kagoshima. A website he has been updating daily since April 2011, “MINIATURE CALENDAR,” became popular among Internet users, being widely talked about online, as well as in other media including magazines and TV shows. He was responsible for the miniatures in the opening of the 2017 NHK serial TV novel “Hiyokko.”
Photo collections, “MINIATURE LIFE,” and “MINIATURE LIFE 2,” and “Small Wonders” have been published and are available in the commercial market.


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