Free 2018 planner with every Lookfantastic purchase over £55

I have mentioned several times before that I love buying my beauty products from – for several reasons:

  • they sell many excellent brands
  • they have very good prices
  • they have free worldwide shipping
  • they have brilliant specials with deep discounts
  • they give lots of freebies
  • the freebies are almost always great products, rather than old season stuff or things no one bought.

If I paid Swedish prices for my products I would never be able to afford half of them. By buying from Lookfantastic I can afford things which would otherwise be out of my reach.

They also have regular 3 for 2 offers and free gifts with purchase, particularly if you sign up for their emails. Special offers happen midweek and especially over weekends – I usually buy over weekends. This is the one email send-out that I could not do without because Lookfantastic really do have brilliant offers for their email customers.

I stock up on huge salon-size conditioners and regular size shampoos a couple of times a year, when there are good specials.

Right now there is a 20% off email offer AND you receive a free 2018 planner when you spend more than £55. I don’t know anything about the planner apart from the photos but it seems to have a useful layout and if you buy something you needed anyway and were going to buy anyway, it’s a nice perk. In the past I have received a leather TN and a genuine Filofax from Lookfantastic. Not heirloom quality but FREE!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Damn! The last thing I bought from them was a pair of GHD from them in the past and never got a gift! Not even a sample.

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