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I have three astrid&agnes Gaia rings that I wear on my middle fingers. Of all my costume jewellery, these are probably the ones that receive the most compliments. I buy them when they are on sale and so they are very well priced (about €20 each).

The Swedish jewellery brand, astrid&agnes was formed in 2006 by the design duo Janina Björnberg and Sofie Axelsson. The brand astrid&agnes with personal Scandinavian design of stylish and powerful jewelery for the modern, individual woman, are made of stainless steel and leather of a high quality. The jewellery collections from astrid&agnes are developed with stylish, luxurious and timeless design.

Astrid & agnes rings are made of stainless steel and come in gold, rose gold and silver colours. They last really well and the stones are super-sparkly.

These are the three Gaia rings I have. The top one is an Enya, the middle one is a Classic and the bottom one is an Exelent. I have them in matt gold. The sparkle in the stones is absolutely beautiful.

This one is a Gaia Alaia.

And here are the other colours. You can get them in both matt and shiny versions.

You can see more of astrid&agnes’ jewellery here. There are sites in different countries that sell it.






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