ApplePig A5 Wide Cave Art traveler’s notebook with wallet insert

These are the different components of my cover in the process of being dyed. My cover had a total of 5 layers of dye added to it, a process that took weeks.

This is an Apple Pig A5 Wide Cave Art leather cover with superpockets, super pen loop and wallet insert. This design looks complicated but is pretty easy to order – you order the basic cover and then you can add separate options one by one. The super pocket is actually two pockets, one flip-out pocket constellation on each side. Superpockets include credit card holders, slip pockets, pen case, and secretarial pockets. This is such a functional design. In smaller sizes it would be absolutely perfect as a wallet, although Lin offers a complete wallet design in Field Notes size.

The Cave Art is honestly one of the most beautiful leathers I own. The leather has layers of dye added to it so it is thick and firm. I have been using this one for about three months now and it is still absolutely pristine. It has not softened yet and my cats have not left a mark on it, despite running over it and launching themselves from it multiple times. This is actually almost unheard of in leather – my cats leave their mark on most things I own, sadly.

Lin is extremely innovative and what is very unusual is his use of zippers (heavy duty ones at that). Zippers actually add a whole new realm of possibility and versatility to a cover.

Below is a video of my cover, showing the incredible workmanship and versatility of the design. And you can find Lin’s Etsy shop here.

Beautifully wrapped


A nice little added touch in the parcel – spare elastic and coasters.

Look at that stunning leather!

The super pen loop can be tucked away or used like this. I like it like this because it protects the edges of the pages and functions almost like a trifold. I keep two pens in this loop. The one was out of range of the camera. Sorry about Fluffy in the background!

Lin also includes insert booklets with his covers. The ones he sends are the thick ones you can see here and are really really nice.

With closed super pockets, showing the secretarial pockets. At the edges of these are further slip pockets.

There are slip pockets at the end of the super pockets, which multiply the functionality of the cover. I have my stencils and rulers in the pen pocket on the right, and my Hobonichi stencils in the credit card pockets on the left. They don’t make the cover unwieldy or bulky.

These credit cards are ingenious because the v-shaped cutouts allow you to slide your cards up with your thumb. No pulling the card outwards to dislodge it.

Look at this beautiful leather!

The wallet insert. I really like this heavy duty zipper. I keep my spare elastics and sharpeners in the zip pocket. Lin can also add an elastic to this wallet insert to hold insert booklets like a regular cover so that you can take out the wallet insert and carry it with you if you don’t need the whole thing. Or you can use it on its own.

These zippers are ingenious. They allow you to slip insert booklets on each side. The zipper means they fit in snugly but are easy to add and remove. If you prefer, these zippers can be omitted.


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  1. Hi Janet. I was wondering how you placed the order on the shop? Are there premade notebooks, or did you request a custom order? Thank you

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    • Hello there! I ordered pretty soon after Lin opened his shop so I could choose from the standard options in his site (you can buy a basic cover with no extras or add extras such as pockets and extra pen loops by just putting them in your basket). He did do custom orders when I first ordered but mine was a cover plus extra options that were available on the site. Now that he is so popular he opens about once a month to take orders but you can order one just like mine from the shop. Hope this helps!

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  2. Lovely! What size did you get, and what is the weight of your book filled as in the later photos? I’m having a tough time deciding what size will work best for me, while still being portable to come along everywhere.

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  3. How do I go about ordering one of these? Is there a website? Thanks!

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  4. It’s a good job I love you dearly, Janet, as you don’t half cost me money! 😀 I’ve just ordered the wallet in the Cave Art leather (obvious choice, as I adore cave art).

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