Swedish words that sound naughty in English

Nathalie sent me this lovely link on 8 Swedish words that sound wrong in English

They were:

  1. fart (speed)
  2. puss (kiss)
  3. prick (dot)
  4. kock (chef)
  5. bra (good)
  6. sex (six)
  7. slut (end)
  8. fack (pocket, pronounced ‘fuck’)

There are some others that I find funny

  1. VD (MD/CEO)
  2. Dubbelkräpp toilet paper (double crêpe)
  3. Fanny (a name)
  4. Tytti (a name)
  5. fart limits (speed limits)
  6. tvätt (laundry)
  7. slags (type)
  8. KFUK (YWCA)
  9. kiss (pee)

slutspurt – end of sale


Your speed – 76 km/h


For all types of laundry

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 10.21.41

Double crêpe toilet paper



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  1. Another word: kaka! In many other languages, it means “bajs”. I have a Italian friend who find it particularly difficult. He always says “no” when somebody asks him if he wants a “kaka”. P.S I just love your blog and want to comment all the time. But I am a bit nervous when I write because I know you are an English teacher. Hopefully my mistakes don’t annoy you 😛

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  2. 🙂

    I read, in an expat forum … a Swedish girl having pizza with her parents-in-law to-be. She wasn’t particularly fond of the edge of the pizza … the crust. She said told them that, but as she spoke she couldn’t remember the word, so the Swedish word came to mind; «kant» (pronounced as cunt). She told them she didn’t like the kant 😳

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  3. Hee hee! More for my new Swedish vocabulary book. I knew puss already!

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  4. A good laugh for the end of a weird year.

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  5. Naughty girl! I always think fahrt in German funny. All languages seem to have a few of these words that sound rude in one’s native language.

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