Great food-related inventions

To see how your coffee is made

To see where in the pan your brownie comes from. Edge for me please!

To see when your avo is ripe

Fork and chopsticks. Fork for me please!

Magnifying glasses on supermarket trolleys for if you forget your glasses at home!

For fresh lemon juice. I love this one!

Coconut with opener tab

Pizza vending machine. I wonder what it would taste like?

A little shelf to put your coffee on while you open the door

Edible cutlery

Find these (and plenty more!) here

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  1. I can never work out all the different types of coffee, and I can only drink decaff anyway!

    The shelf next to the door is for Vloggers! Casey Neistat et al !

    We have a ‘hole in the wall’ pizza service in a town near us, never tried it though…

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